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Cross the Ball is a brand new way to play the classic game of Spot the Ball made famous in the 70s and 80s. With our exclusive Prize Target Stickers© and a brand new £50,000 jackpot... now is the time to fall back in love with this classic game!


So how is it different to the original Spot the Ball?...


Unlike a lot of the new-fangled online Spot the Ball competitions, we whole heartedly believe that Spot the Ball should be in a printed format so you can sit with a cuppa and work out where the ball would most likely be (maybe even employ the help of friends and family to guide your decision... and if you're a serious player you might even pull out a ruler, pencil, rubber and protractor to work out all of those eye lines and angles) - so first off, we print all of our sporting images on real paper and in full colour. Then we post them off and they are hand-delivered by your local Royal Mail postie to your door.


It's not just football images this time round. Spot the Ball games have always been exclusively football based images. With Cross the Ball we trawl the depths of sports and sporting events from across the world... if it uses a ball, you'll most likely see it in one of our Cross the Ball games - anything from Golf, Tennis, Cricket, Hurling and even Water Polo!



The original Spot the Ball was notoriously difficult to win anything and it only ever had 1 or 2 winners for each game. But with our unique and copyrighted Prize Target Stickers© EVERY single person has the potential to win life-changing sums of money. The closer you get to the centre of the ball, the more you'll win!

How to play Cross the Ball


Register your details

Sign up today and get a 4 game trial sent straight out



Play the game

Select where you think the ball is and attach your target stickers



Send it back

Seal your entry and send it back using our Freepost return


Forthly (is that a word?)...

Each of our Prize Target Stickers© is made up of 5 cash prize bands, just like an archery target. The outer ring is worth £10, then £25, £50, £250 and then a life-changing £50,000 in tax-free cash for exactly matching the centre of the ball. If the centre of the ball is within your target then you are guaranteed one of these cash prizes - AND... don't forget you don't just get one target per image... you will have FOUR Prize Target Stickers© per image... that's FOUR amazing chances to scoop up to £50,000 every week.

That's far too easy to win we hear you shout... and we agree. So we've made it a little trickier. Above each sporting image we have posed a trivia question. For each Game you will be given six Prize Target Stickers© and above each target will be printed an answer to that question. However... ONLY 4 of the 6 stickers feature a correct answer... the other 2 stickers feature a wrong answer... a red herring if you will and only stickers featuring a correct answer will be eligible to win a prize - so make sure you choose wisely.

Finally, when you've stuck all of your target stickers on your images and you're happy; seal up your games and pop them in the post box. There's no need for a stamp either because we've already paid the postage for you.

Once we receive your entries, we will check them thoroughly in the old fashioned way and if you're a prize winner we will post out your cheque to you within 28 days... it really is that simple.

So what are you waiting for... have a go at winning £50,000 today with Cross the Ball.

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